Living with the Wild A video documentary about the human-animal conflict in Nilgiris, India

SomariDevi talks about how she has come to live in fear of the tiger that killed her husband. (Photo by Jyothy Karat)

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The destruction in the Nilgiris biosphere, a UNESCO world heritage site, has reached its tipping point. When the water dried up in the jungle, and when food got sparse, the wild animals started to stray into human habitat looking for food and water. Sometimes they caused injury or even death to humans. Often, we humans retaliated in kind. More than 166 people have been killed in the past couple of years and at least 100acres of forests have been destroyed in manmade fires this year. Elephants get killed in railway tracks and tigers feared to be man-eaters are gunned down. This is a strange, wasteful battle. And the world isn’t looking.

Direction, Story & Cinematography : Jyothy Karat
Sound Recordist : Praveen C M
Editing : Sony Sasankan

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